of Nazis, Political Opinion and Banhammers - A recent enlightenment regarding the Squire's Gate Shitshow of 2016 (or was it 2017?)

"Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it."
- Baltasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

It's often said that Second Life is abound in scandals, mysteries and stories to be told. Ranging from ones about the arbiters of our virtual fates that reside on Battery Street, such as the time when, if I recall right, some of Linden Lab's employees were accused of embezzlement by the FBI, to the ones about those sharks in our community who sow discord in the name of their own profits, such as with the Ginko Financial scandal of the mid to late 2000s.

Recently, I was made aware that of all people.. I was blocked by one of the members of the SL Aviation community. Now, this wouldn't be discussed here were it not for also finding out why such a thing happened in the first place. I hadn't caused issues for anyone in SL as far as I know outside of a select few people who started shit. Given it was the SL Aviation community and I was only known for two things in the past 5 or so years of being on SL as Nodoka Hanamura (I had a prior presence before getting hacked by some shithead, but it was nothing big) - Establishing GrunSolutions' SL Division, which was shortlived - and for probably one of the more controversial instances of trouble in SL I've been involved in, mainly due to my own values regarding freedom of expression and speech, and poorly timed for someone who was unaware of the 'Free The Gulf' Crapshoot among other things. To understand this, we need to go back in time.


The year is 2016 - The Gamergate scandal has been around for two years, I'm celebrating 2 years of being on SL post-hack, and GrunSol was established following reforming the 8th TFS in YSFlight and the SL Division is nothing more than a twinkle in my eye, at least from what I can recall, among other things.

Firstly - Malcious Vuckovic - infamous for his Malquisition blog, did a far better job at cataloguing the shitshow I will be discussing here, so I recommend you read up here and here if you desire to learn more about how I was defending the wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrongest of fucking times.

With that out of the way, for those of you not interested in a hour long history lesson given by the man who was actually fucking there, as opposed to yours truly - I will give an amicus brief.

In April of 2016, a 'terrorist' group that claimed to be serving the best interests of the Jeogeot Gulf (which was established by Mal, fun fact, much in the same way the Blake was) - called 'Free The Gulf' started causing problems for various notable people, including Zoraslade Karu (Proprietor of ZSK), Tank Kwases, Tomm Box, Joe Sparrow among other notable members of the SL Aviation and SL Aerial Combat communities at the time. Their 'goal' was to commandeer control of the Gulf from the Linden Lab-appointed administration, but that soon veered into what amounts to more or less to fucking Cosmo Entelechia (A radical terrorist organization from Ken Akamatsu's Negima) - with its' leader saying that if they can't reform or take over the gulf, then they'll just cause enough trouble for Linden Lab to tell Mal et al that the Jeogeot Gulf needs to be closed down.

Something that was noted by Mal was that key members of the Free the Gulf movement were also members of the WWII New Bastogne community's administration.. and oh boy. These fuckers are a real mess. At best just shitheads and at worst actual goddamn nazis, the WWII New Bastogne admins.. and New Bastogne at large were not very admirable, and that all is because New Bastogne was probably the biggest safe haven for neo-nazism in SL, not to mention other depravity, like ageplay. The community was home to a German Military RP unit ( and associated allied unit, as this was a WW2 sim) but this was no ordinary RP, oh no.

Now, it's one thing to enjoy german WW2 paraphanalia, aircraft, weapons, the uniforms, shit like that, from a historical viewpoint. That, I will say is fine. If that were not the case, then SJW-types would be more accepted by the vox populi than they already are (which is a absolute minimum outside of the cancerous shitshows of Hollywood and San Francisco) in the mindset that everything the Nazis made was worthy of destruction in the physical and historical (ignoring the old adage that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it) - I mean, the fuckers were one of the first to come up with jet-powered flight! The Me-262, in fact - having taken its' first flight in 1941! The Nazis were also the first to come up with Stealth aircraft, namely the Ho-229. V2 was the first ballistic missile, whilst V1 was one of the first cruise missiles.

Nazi Germany was one of the biggest driving forces behind modern military aviation and BVR combat in general, and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. And again - I'm not defending the Nazis by stating this - I'm stating actual fact, unless my recollection of history is invalid - which in that case, I welcome correction.

Continuing from the second to last paragraph - But it's another thing to have your group engage in celebratory marches on APRIL 20TH, THE DATE OF OL' DOLFY'S FUCKING BIRTHDAY. If that's not actual fucking nazism, than I don't know what is. The only thing they're lacking is the swastika, and if anything, that's because if they did have it, that'd be the icing on the cake to cause the Lindens to scramble to fucking Annihilate that entire goddamn estate from fucking orbit and turn it into a intercontinental parking lot, and put a hypothetical bullet in the brainbox of everyone involved with it.

Suffice it to say, Second Life's Aviation community has a history of drama, ranging from Daniels Fall abusing the incompetence of nearly every developer at the time of the scandal by creating aircraft that people actually want (Before Shergood was around, and ZSK et al. started manufacturing civilian mainstream aircraft. Nothing against Zora and the others, but Malquisition was right when he shat on your heads about that.) - to fucking wehraboos bordering on and at times more or less, actual fucking nazis.

Alright. You got it? Good. Because now GrunSol enters the picture - around the mid to tail end of 2016, maybe 2017 - for a reason I'll explain shortly.

And please - keep in mind, I was unaware of the Free the Gulf shitshow at the time - only a while later, two years or so, matter of fact, would I come across Mal's blog.

For those of you unware, GrunSolutions' name came from our original name as the 8th TFS Grun, which was borrowed from Ace Combat Zero. While you could make arguments that Belka was no better than Nazi Germany in some respects, we didn't operate like them. We were just a run of the mill PMC out to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Seeking to expand into SL through our Civil Services (non-military) division through a SAR unit and hopefully bringing our Virtual Airline, MahouAir to SL - I went searching around for a place for GrunSol to call home. Putting around the Blake looking for a hangar, I eventually found Squire's Gate, a decent multi-level airport off of Satori's east coast.

After talking with the owner there, GrunSolutions ended up, believe it or not, getting a fully fledged, SLCG-grade station, and I got it for cheap, IIRC. I immediately went to work setting things up, offices in the upper level of the hangar, and our aircraft below it with our helo out on the helipads outside. Sadly I was at a loss to get things going so not much went anywhere in terms of the group's SL presence at Squire's Gate.

A while later, a scandal comes about in the SL Aviation community about a man at Squire's gate who was accused of being a Nazi. I end up coming to his defense, having not known him before or talked to him, having just considered him a wehraboo - no big deal as long as the man wasn't an actual Nazi. One argument I recall hearing from the one who bitched is that he was wearing GAS branded clothing. You know, that cheap clothing store that sells fitmesh clothes? (Keep in mind, Squire's gate was massive, and took up IIRC, three different levels.), and before I know it, I not only get banned from White Star Airfield, even though I never went there before then, and from my assumptions, I was blocked by someone, along with that pathetic shithead Vickster who was the owner of New Bastogne.


Now, sadly - I don't have any logs of the mess in question, as it's not only been years, but at one point I ended up losing a sizable chunk of my chat logs - and my memory is not the strongest. I know, this sounds questionable and many may not believe me, but let me posit this to you:

In real life, I am a 23 year old, Transgender, bisexual woman with autism, ADHD and other disabilities whose only quality that the nazis would tolerate is that I'm part German. To them, I am no better than the Jews - I am what they'd call an Untermench. They'd probably shoot me without looking were that even possible without potentially missing the first shot!

And in SL, I'm a sexual deviant at times whose dirty deeds would make a saint turn their brain off with a bullet if they saw it.

Lord have mercy on me.

Suffice it to say, I'm no Nazi. Unless you're one of those SJW-types that thinks anyone to the immediate right of them and beyond is Alt-right Nazi trash - which in that case you're still wrong - you just refuse to admit it. Hell, if anything I lean Center-left. I dislike both the republicans and democrats because they've done nothing but help grow the divide in this nation. I'd sooner put communists, Klan members and nazis up on crosses Jesus style and burn them alive to send a message about how I fucking hate extremism and radical authoritarianism.

At worst, I'm a shitposter with little care for sensitive topics and a sucker for dark humor. But that alone doesn't mean you can put me in a Schutzstaffel uniform - I won't fit the role at all. I care little for sensitive topics because I personally believe that joking about the shitshows of not just ourselves but the past can tend to make dealing with them better. When someone says a joke along the lines of 'Hitler was a gas', he's not celebrating Hitler, he's not approving of the Shoah (Holocaust), he's making fun of the cocksucker and his genocidal actions. This doesn't mean I'm an uncaring asshole. If anything i'm quite caring and sympathetic. If your grandparents died in the holocaust, then my complete sympathies go out to you - but I'm not going to police my speech just because of something that happened long before my time. 

But that is besides the point.

Was what I did back then not the brightest move? Yes. Do I regret it? Yes.

I've learned that if it doesn't involve me, or someone I care about - I should probably keep my goddamn mouth shut.

Unless it's on twitter. Then I'll say what I want because that's where I go to vent, in spite of Jack Dorsey.


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