Coming from Humility to take on Goliath - TMP (The Shops) Legacy Review

  Don't let your eyes decieve you. This isn't Lara. Recently, I stated on Twitter that I had gained access to 'The Shops' Legacy Body. Now, I know prior, I had taken a shot at them, and have in the past, gone on tirades about their past business practices, their use of a LSL Bridge to a remote server, rather than using a local solution with the HUD they include with Legacy, along with how people had somehow decided to adopt it. After having some time to tinker with it, I see why some people see it as revolutionary, as it were, and that my accusations of being high-poly were somewhat valid, but were more of a de-minimis than a major issue. But.. to understand why Legacy is as important to Second Life's Fashion industry as people make it out to be, I must explain a dilemma that, at least those of us more of aware of it - know of. Built (supposedly) from the blood of rivals As I have stated many a time, I have a deep-seated hatred for Onyx LaShelle and Maitreya. I have

A message to a now distant friend

I don't think I need to say who this message is for. I guess you'll get that goodbye. Maybe some day, hopefully we can be friends again. But for now If I were in your shoes, I would reflect inwardly on myself. I know already that I am doing so. See you around.. buddy.

Aditi AWS Tests

On a unrelated note, MIRAI Group - the organization I run in Second Life and elsewhere, has released test footage of stress tests on the Aditi Grid using AWS. You can also see my interview relating to our findings on Wagner James Au's website, New World Notes.

"Return" to twitter

Yes, I can't keep a promise for shit, but I have made some personal promises. My old account is permanently gone. And even if I could get it back, I don't want it. 1. I'm not getting involved in Politics anymore. No more of that shit. Second Life, Eroge/Anime artists, and topics of interest are what I will be tweeting about, and nothing else. I won't be following back people anymore unless for a specific reason. Sorry, my feed was a hot mess last time around, and I want no part of my past transgressions on that site. 2. I'm going to minimize my time on that site. Twitter is not installed on any device and is only accessible via my desktop. 3. Eventually I will release personal tidbits of my old account's tweets for old times' sake to look back at what you'd say were my 'best moments'. Other than that, not much else. To those who expected me to leave for good, I hope to eventually, but SL related contacts and said eroge artists and other interests


Today, Linden Lab announced that they were going to be acquired by Waterfield Group, a investment firm that is one of the largest in the US. Now.. I normally would be concerned - and I still am - but Philip Rosedale, the father of Agni (Second Life) itself, apparently had sung praises about the duo in command of Waterfield, Brad Oberwager, and its' namesake, Randy Waterfield.  "Since its inception 17 years ago, Second Life has been a pioneer in the concepts of virtual societies, land and economies," says Second Life founder Philip Rosedale, who is now CEO of High Fidelity. "I’ve known Brad for 14 years personally and professionally, and I’m confident he will bring his passion and proven strategies to help Linden Lab achieve new heights in distribution, scale, and quality while remaining true to the original vision, creativity, and community that makes Second Life unique and special.” Oberwager also had spoke on the acquisition. “Both the company and its virtual wor

The Upward Spiral - EmpLemon (through sheer luck), follows me to the gates.

Today a friend of mine brought a tweet to my attention on my discord server, from none other than the man, the myth, the meme himself, EmperorLemon.  In it, he declares that he is 'quarantining himself from twitter'. I think his words did better than explaining my departure better than I ever could have imagined to formulate:   The past few months on this site have been the worst I've ever seen. Last month I muted every single account on my feed because the amount of frothing rage and vitriol I witnessed on a daily basis were mentally taxing. The silence was bliss. At that point I realized that I would be better off just not engaging with any content on this site. I tried to return to business as usual, but this site has simply become irredeemable to me. The people on this site are the absolute scourge of humanity, and I mean that without a shred of irony or hyperbole. It's insufferable. People like to gossip about "infamous" online places like 4chan, Kiwifarm

To let bleeding birds die..

TL;DR - I'm leaving bird site dot get fucked, thanks for all the fish to everyone who wasn't a complete ass, if you want to stay in touch I have a discord server, email me for the deets. If you've come from my Twitter account, you've probably wondered why I'm leaving that cursed site. In brief, over the past 5, going on 6 years that I have been on that site, I have been at the vanguard in political topics and advocated for freedom above all else, even if I have gotten a wee bit vitriolic and maybe hypocritical at times. I saw the birth and later end of the GamerGate movement, and the subsequent shockwaves it caused in the Comic and Anime communities. I saw Brexit, Trump's election, and the growing extremism and partisanship of the population of my country and of the west at large. I've never claimed to lean accordingly one way or another - even though I do lean left, I have a gross distaste for the Democratic Party, and the Republicans are a similar plague.