Sansar at Death's Door - Why Linden Lab's attempt at competing with VRChat has failed

I was made aware of a posted on James Wagner Au's blog regarding 2020 predictions for SL, namely the following in brief:

" Unable to handle the burden of Sansar, Linden Lab will sell off Second Life and inevitably the platform will be shut down."

With all due respect to the creator of this comment - this has to be the biggest slice of Wisconsin Bullshit that I've ever heard. And this article is going to explain exactly why, along with why Sansar failed to begin with.

A Lack of Business Sense The idea that Linden Lab would sell off Second Life, its' most profitable venture, in favor of a failing business venture that will never get off the ground - is so absurd that it cannot even be defined accurately like that. That, and look at past ventures under Linden Lab, namely Desura. When Desura, a competitor to Steam, fell in Linden Lab's lap, they sold it to someone before it inevitably died.

You see, for those not familiar with basic business strategy or.. even logic…

The Role of Lindens in Agni - Second Life's Feedback Dilemma

I've seen more and more people, mainly of James Wagner Au's readers (of which I am one of them) complain that the Lindens don't do enough to get user feedback. I'm not surprised as to why people are, as I've always seen Linden Lab as the group that comes out of the woodwork every now and again, a Minarchical (as in Minarchy) organization whose domain of Terra Agni, Second Life - for those not used to my customs of referring to the platform - usually is busy at work improving things on the platform and handling administration and economy.

It's weird to hear me refer to the lindens as a Minarchy when it comes to the governance of Agni, as you'd assume at first glance that they'd be your run of the mill corporate government that administrates with a iron fist, which, unless you're engaging in Ageplay or fraud, they don't.

Yes, they're a part of every part of life in Agni, but the thing is, it feels as if the Lindens have nothing to do with the …

Planting Trees

I'm going to try and start posting here as well as on Youtube and Twitter, try and diversify my presence online.

Topics I'll discuss here will range from SL, Gaming, Politics and some other topics at my behest. I'll still be posting articles every now and again to Medium, but I'll also be starting to Mirror my articles from there, here, in the event that for some reason I get banned from the platform or something.

Hey, better safe than completely fucked.