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Requiescat in Pace: The Death of Sansar and its' Affect on the community

As of February 21st, Sansar, Linden Lab's bastard child of Second Life and the VR Hype of 2018, is now up for sale to any takers, according to this report from James Wagner Au at NWN. Suffice it to say, I'm not surprised in the slightest. Last month I had made a personal declaration to Linden Lab and its' CEO Ebbe Altberg - that Although they had apparently done their best to keep Sansar alive, it was a failure. However, some people seem to think that Sansar could have done better. They're not wrong in that pursuit, but the thing is that Sansar failed due to three major factors: It was touted as a successor to Second Life when it had little of what made Second Life great. It was somewhat restricted (Mature content, for one) It tried to compete with VRChat, as well as other VRMMO platforms such as Sinespace and due to the grassroots advertising campaign provided by many popular youtubers for VRChat, Linden Lab couldn't get the numbers they needed to justify keepi