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Coming from Humility to take on Goliath - TMP (The Shops) Legacy Review

  Don't let your eyes decieve you. This isn't Lara. Recently, I stated on Twitter that I had gained access to 'The Shops' Legacy Body. Now, I know prior, I had taken a shot at them, and have in the past, gone on tirades about their past business practices, their use of a LSL Bridge to a remote server, rather than using a local solution with the HUD they include with Legacy, along with how people had somehow decided to adopt it. After having some time to tinker with it, I see why some people see it as revolutionary, as it were, and that my accusations of being high-poly were somewhat valid, but were more of a de-minimis than a major issue. But.. to understand why Legacy is as important to Second Life's Fashion industry as people make it out to be, I must explain a dilemma that, at least those of us more of aware of it - know of. Built (supposedly) from the blood of rivals As I have stated many a time, I have a deep-seated hatred for Onyx LaShelle and Maitreya. I have