Today, Linden Lab announced that they were going to be acquired by Waterfield Group, a investment firm that is one of the largest in the US.

Now.. I normally would be concerned - and I still am - but Philip Rosedale, the father of Agni (Second Life) itself, apparently had sung praises about the duo in command of Waterfield, Brad Oberwager, and its' namesake, Randy Waterfield. 

"Since its inception 17 years ago, Second Life has been a pioneer in the concepts of virtual societies, land and economies," says Second Life founder Philip Rosedale, who is now CEO of High Fidelity. "I’ve known Brad for 14 years personally and professionally, and I’m confident he will bring his passion and proven strategies to help Linden Lab achieve new heights in distribution, scale, and quality while remaining true to the original vision, creativity, and community that makes Second Life unique and special.”
Oberwager also had spoke on the acquisition.

“Both the company and its virtual world community have a unique culture and creative energy that remain important to the long-term success of Second Life,” says Brad Oberwager. “There’s a bright future for both Second Life and Tilia and we’re excited to help fuel these growth opportunities.”
Although I have concerns about our virtual home, I do give a warm welcome to Brad and Randy to Agni. Although I am cautious about their intentions and if they will stay faithful to their spoken goals - I do hope that this relationship will help establish Second Life back in the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist at best, and at least - establishes stability and improvements to SL for years, if not decades to come. 


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