Why I'm Here.

 I've often heard, both as the Eques of the VES and just as a Second Life resident, people ask me or put into question why someone would be here. When people like that cunt Alicia that I'd often get into fights with in the comments section on NWN putting SL on blast at every turn, with friends wanting to show me what I percieve to be inferior platforms like VRChat (At least in terms of scope), with Linden Lab every other month managing to put their incompetence on display, with the various communities on Agni wringing at each others' necks every now and again, with the terrible souls who have undeservedly risen to the position of SL's elite, with the various bugs and issues that SL is plagued with.

The answer is simple.

Agni is my home.

When others question why I bother, I answer with moments like I've shown in "It's Always Sunny in Sansara", with the many pictures of memories i've had with my friends I've made here.

Over the past 6 years, I've met so many amazing people here. I've been to so many beautiful places.

Of course, it hasn't been all bright. But through the trials and tribulations God, both caused by Lindens being Lindens and by drama between friends, set before me both in my real life and on SL, I've persevered through it all.

I couldn't have lasted this long without the place I call my virtual homeland, and especially with the friends I've made here.

I wanted to say something at the party, but due to some people being absent, I guess I'll say it here.

The past 6 years of my life here have been amazing. I've met and made so many friends, and had memories that I'll cherish until my dying breath. Some may wonder why I put so much value in a game when I could go live a real life.

Lack of a real life aside - this second life is real to me.

I know I didn't give out many gifts this Christmas, some due to not really knowing what to get, and others turning down the offer. And that some couldn't attend my party yesterday due to work, time differences, or just plain bad luck on their end, but I ask that my friends accept this gift.

To my friends who I've cherished for months or even years now - I love you all dearly. Thanks for sticking with me. And here's to many more years of memories together.


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