In Rememberance of Ebbe

  Reflecting at the Linden Memorial Park. "Do what is right for the residents." - Ebbe Altberg, CEO, Linden Lab (1964 - 2021) "In Second Life we can be our ideal, our best, celebrate all that is good across the world together. Sadly we have also seen some people go, and they will never be forgotten as they touched us, gave us their best from their hearts, minds and souls - this thing called real life sometimes knocks on our door and makes a call. This is one of those calls." (Excerpt, Remembering Ebbe, Patch Linden) Truer words were never spoken on Agni or on Earth, Patch. To say that I am in quite the emotional state, is an understatement. Those that know me and read this blog know that I have a love-hate relationship with the men and women who reside on Battery Street - Linden Lab. From various platform issues with the world we residents call home, to the various policies and decisions I have lambasted them for - I still hold an immense respect for Linden Lab and

MOD RELEASE - Stories of Angels and Aces CFA-44/L -ALA ALBA 2 / BDAY-

While not related to Second Life in the slightest, I released my first public mod, a tribute to Nodoka Miyazaki, my online persona's namesake and a character who has been a inspiration to me, without lack of a better word, on her birthday of May 10th. I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about the feedback that I'll get but if the original video that I used to promote the skin's release is anything to go by, It hopefully will be bright. Thanks to everyone who's showed their support for the skin and for SOAA among my friends for the past several years - now it's time for me to weave a new story from the many works i've come to love over the years on the grand stage. My next release probably won't be for a while, but I hope you all like the design and scheme, and will stick around for more. Download Or on the Nexus for more details or if you're new to Modding.

Too Many Cooks - Why Second Life's avatar body industry is a crapshoot

 Let it be said that I am all for choice. Whatever body one likes to use, even if it comes from the depths of Onyx LaShelle's dark-as-a-black-hole heart, is their prerogative, and I won't advocate for it to be taken from them, nor will I advocate for barring people from trying to compete. But in recent months I've come to realize that the fitmesh body industry, home to monolithic companies like Slink, Maitreya, The Shops and Belleza, is heating up for.. no particularly good reason. In recent months if you've been to events, you'll notice a new company in the fray, Inithium, pushing their new body, Kupra. At first glance of a review, it doesn't really do all that much. Unlike Legacy, it doesn't reinvent things by providing compatibility with older clothing. Unlike Slink, it doesn't have a historical pedigree. Unlike Maitreya, it's not run by a megalomaniacal hack..  In fact, Kupra feels more like Ebody and bodies of its' stature - ones that fall

Why I'm Here.

 I've often heard, both as the Eques of the VES and just as a Second Life resident, people ask me or put into question why someone would be here. When people like that cunt Alicia that I'd often get into fights with in the comments section on NWN putting SL on blast at every turn, with friends wanting to show me what I percieve to be inferior platforms like VRChat (At least in terms of scope), with Linden Lab every other month managing to put their incompetence on display, with the various communities on Agni wringing at each others' necks every now and again, with the terrible souls who have undeservedly risen to the position of SL's elite, with the various bugs and issues that SL is plagued with. The answer is simple. Agni is my home. When others question why I bother, I answer with moments like I've shown in "It's Always Sunny in Sansara", with the many pictures of memories i've had with my friends I've made here. Over the past 6 years, I