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To let bleeding birds die..

TL;DR - I'm leaving bird site dot get fucked, thanks for all the fish to everyone who wasn't a complete ass, if you want to stay in touch I have a discord server, email me for the deets. If you've come from my Twitter account, you've probably wondered why I'm leaving that cursed site. In brief, over the past 5, going on 6 years that I have been on that site, I have been at the vanguard in political topics and advocated for freedom above all else, even if I have gotten a wee bit vitriolic and maybe hypocritical at times. I saw the birth and later end of the GamerGate movement, and the subsequent shockwaves it caused in the Comic and Anime communities. I saw Brexit, Trump's election, and the growing extremism and partisanship of the population of my country and of the west at large. I've never claimed to lean accordingly one way or another - even though I do lean left, I have a gross distaste for the Democratic Party, and the Republicans are a similar plague.

Of Nazis, Political Opinion and Banhammers : A brief revisiting and declaration