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MOD RELEASE - Stories of Angels and Aces CFA-44/L -ALA ALBA 2 / BDAY-

While not related to Second Life in the slightest, I released my first public mod, a tribute to Nodoka Miyazaki, my online persona's namesake and a character who has been a inspiration to me, without lack of a better word, on her birthday of May 10th. I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about the feedback that I'll get but if the original video that I used to promote the skin's release is anything to go by, It hopefully will be bright. Thanks to everyone who's showed their support for the skin and for SOAA among my friends for the past several years - now it's time for me to weave a new story from the many works i've come to love over the years on the grand stage. My next release probably won't be for a while, but I hope you all like the design and scheme, and will stick around for more. Download Or on the Nexus for more details or if you're new to Modding.