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Negima 20th Anniversary - Nodoka Miyazaki Honey Select 2 Character Card

I know I am running a predominantly SL-related blog here (And don't worry, eventually I'll get back on track with.. everything), but for now, I'm celebrating a birthday of someone important to me, and a few others who still remember her and the class of 31 she comes from. I remember my first encounter with her like it was yesterday, picking out Negima from the collection of manga at a Half Price Books near my hometown - and seeing that smiling girl on the back. The raven purple hair and modest yet alluring look for someone in their mid-teens was enough to get me to fall in love. I followed Nodoka from her meek beginnings, as with all of the students of Negi Springfield, to their finality in the fight against Cosmo Entelechia, where Nodoka bravely faced on of them in defiance of their plot, to keep them away from the dueling Negi and Fate Averruncus, alongside her other comrades. I place her on a pedestal for this and many more reasons. And now, I give her to all of you. Thi