Hello, I'm Nodoka Hanamura.

I'm a SL resident of 5+ years (5~ years as Nodoka Hanamura, and two or so before my first account was lost in a hack.) I write about Second Life, my personal interests and other topics - which usually revolve around technology, gaming, SL's History and exploration, among other things.

In real life, I'm a 23 year old transwoman who lives in the Greater Cincinnati Area. I also serve as the SYSOP for NeoCincinnati BBS, a old-fashioned telnet Bulletin Board System. Feel free to 'dial in' at neocinci.bbs.io:23. (Netrunner Telnet Client is recommended), and maintain MIRAI Group, a multi-platform gaming organization.

If you like my posts, feel free to support me by checking out my SL Wishlist and gifting me something from there. It'd be greatly appreciated!

For business inquiries or for contacting me relating to my now defunct Twitter account and accessing my personal Discord Server to stay in touch, you can email me at nodo-at-kahanamura.com.


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