"Return" to twitter

Yes, I can't keep a promise for shit, but I have made some personal promises. My old account is permanently gone. And even if I could get it back, I don't want it.

1. I'm not getting involved in Politics anymore. No more of that shit. Second Life, Eroge/Anime artists, and topics of interest are what I will be tweeting about, and nothing else. I won't be following back people anymore unless for a specific reason. Sorry, my feed was a hot mess last time around, and I want no part of my past transgressions on that site.

2. I'm going to minimize my time on that site. Twitter is not installed on any device and is only accessible via my desktop.

3. Eventually I will release personal tidbits of my old account's tweets for old times' sake to look back at what you'd say were my 'best moments'.

Other than that, not much else. To those who expected me to leave for good, I hope to eventually, but SL related contacts and said eroge artists and other interests are hard to maintain LOS on outside of this hellhole. My only hope is that when Armageddon comes, Twitter HQ gets hit head on with the nuke.


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