The Upward Spiral - EmpLemon (through sheer luck), follows me to the gates.

Today a friend of mine brought a tweet to my attention on my discord server, from none other than the man, the myth, the meme himself, EmperorLemon. 

In it, he declares that he is 'quarantining himself from twitter'. I think his words did better than explaining my departure better than I ever could have imagined to formulate:
The past few months on this site have been the worst I've ever seen. Last month I muted every single account on my feed because the amount of frothing rage and vitriol I witnessed on a daily basis were mentally taxing. The silence was bliss. At that point I realized that I would be better off just not engaging with any content on this site.

I tried to return to business as usual, but this site has simply become irredeemable to me. The people on this site are the absolute scourge of humanity, and I mean that without a shred of irony or hyperbole. It's insufferable.

People like to gossip about "infamous" online places like 4chan, Kiwifarms, etc... None of these sites come close to just how nasty people can be on twitter dot com.

On Twitter, being angry is not just an expectation - it's treated as a virtue. This site is systematically designed to infuriate people, and keep them in a constant state of deranged paranoia. Human beings are not meant to live in continuous rage. There was once a time when we could distract ourselves with movies and sports - but now there is nothing but perpetual, militant fury on this website. It is no longer escapable.

People are no longer allowed to simply exist. You must dive head-first into the meat-grinder of progress and justice, or else you are as guilty as the most despicable super-villain on Earth. We live in a post-forgiveness age. Everyone is to be treated as a superposition of the worst transgressions they have committed in their entire lives with no room for improvement or personal growth. Apologizing is like pissing in the wind, and you'd be better off saying nothing, because nobody here will cut you the slightest bit of slack. The same people will hop on their soapbox and preach how others should extol the virtues of fairness, tolerance and justice. They will not treat you fairly. They will not tolerate you. They will wish death upon you based on blind accusations with no evidence. How just of them.

The brilliant freedom-fighters of this website will seize every opportunity to warn you about the ever-imminent threat of Nazis, Russians, the fucking Mongolians...the list of future evil terror groups that will cut out our tongues and rape our sisters is infinite. Be afraid. The Nazis are one step away from overthrowing society, and the only thing stopping them is me doxxing and gaslighting this 15-year-old who shared a meme containing the N-word. Be very afraid.

You wanna talk about fear? I am afraid to post anything on this site anymore. I am afraid to say the wrong thing, and have an angry mob of zealots go out of their way to sabotage my entire existence. I am afraid that someone will literally track me down, put a gun to my head and blow my fucking brains out. Because of justice. And fairness. And tolerance. Twitter has done this to me, and they have done this to the person who would do this. I am convinced that this person already exists, the nature of this site has radicalized them to the razor's edge, and all I need to do to trigger this sequence of events is say the wrong thing in a tweet.

Last year Etika threw himself off a bridge. Everyone wept for him. I laughed.

I laughed because these same mourners are the ones who perpetuate the very circumstances that would force someone off a bridge. This week Reckful killed himself. Before the end of this year, some other online figure probably will too. This will continue with increasing frequency and severity. But that's okay. Just keep on posting the number to the suicide hotline, and then go back to the mob and relentlessly brutalize your next victim.

This website is infested with sanctimonious ghouls who will cry for Etika and immediately terrorize some other at-risk personality as a part of your endless thirst for fairness, tolerance and justice.

Remember. You are not the problem. You are a kind and virtuous person who has never made a mistake in your entire life. Those other people - they deserve the hate. They deserve if because they are unkind, they lack virtue, and their mistakes shall not be forgiven.

Welcome to the Downward Spiral.


I am done engaging with this platform in its current state. I may come back when sports and movies return; I may not. I will still post updates about personal news and new YouTube uploads, as well as surveying my audience for research purposes; but otherwise I am done pouring fuel on this greasefire. My DMs will remain open if you wish to talk to me like a human being. 
Have fun at the bottom of the Downward Spiral. You all have sunk lower than I ever could.


Twitter has become a socio-political hellhole, and I am not the only one who has noticed this. To the parasites who perpetuate this atmosphere of hatred - I hope only that you seek help or perish in your virulence.

Nagase was right when she said that quote - she was right to a fucking T. The hatred and vitriol only builds and builds until rationality ceases to be and is supplanted by pure, unabashed hatred.

If Dorsey and his kin were to be killed off in some horrific shooting - I would be laughing and rejoicing. They created a monster. They created Razgriz in form of social media. But this is not the demon turned hero - no. Just a demon that causes pain and suffering at every turn. And they deserve to either see their creation burned alive or to die for harboring such a wretched platform that has contributed to our species fall into ravenous, hateful, uncaring monsters.

It may be a meme in the Ace Combat community - but to paraphrase Matias Torres - the annihilation of that hellsite is a necessity, lest it be a contributing factor to our society's collapse.

I call on my friends and colleagues to leave Twitter with him, with me. This place has harbored more hatred and become more vitrolic and disgusting than 4chan or even 8chan ever has, or will. It says a lot, when a publicly lauded social media site is no better than the world-infamous 'internet hate machine'.


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